Check out what some of our CAM Members have to say about CAM

As a first timer, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained a lot from it to write my book, “The Lost Generation of Boys”. I thank Mike Jaffe, my personal friend and colleague, for inspiring me to take the leap of faith and make new friends. I almost did not show up as I am a guest lecturer on Wellbeing and Wellness at a conference sponsored by the College of Executive Coaching in July (Huntington Beach just north of San Diego). However……CAM™ is more of what I believe in. So…., thank you for embracing me and being you. See you next year.
Jonathan Aronoff (Stockbridge, MA)

The CAM™ conference gives me an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with my peers about the issues that matter the most to me in my work and in my life. CAM™ nourishes my spirit, mind and body in a way that fills me so I can continue my work in the world from a place of strength and fullness.
Name: Siobhan Murphy
Company: Quest Coaching International Inc.

An awesome opportunity to commune and connect on a real heart level. I walked away with a pampered body, a brain overflowing with possibilities, lifelong friends, and laughter ringing pleasantly in my ears…
Name: Kate Steinbacher
Company: The Coaches Console

If you want to stretch beyond the usual educational experience and really interact with speakers and other experienced coaches, CAM™ is the only place to be.
Name: Rich Maxwell
Company: Maxwell & Associates

Where else in the coaching world can you go and be surrounded by cutting-edge thoughtleaders on coaching, connection and consciousness–and that’s even before mentioning the fantastic “headliners” who got the conversations started! This year’s CAM™ was engaging, provocative and inspiring. Thank you for this invaluable professional and personal development experience.
Name: Diane Krause-Stetson
Company: Lead Your Life, LLC

I loved CAM™, since the conversations didn’t stop at a superficial level, but had depth to them. I met some amazing kindred spirits!
Name: Daniela Bryan
Company: -dbcoach

CAM™” is a delightful blend of fun and self-care while broadening your mind in room full of bright, experienced coaches. I come back to my clients so much more enriched and able to stretch them to grow as well.”
Name: Pat White, MCC

CAM™ WAS… Wonderful. Wonder-filled. Connective. Informative. Inspiring. Fun. REALLY Fun. Revealing. Heart-opening. Memorable. A Call to Action.
Name: Minx Boren
Company: Fourfold Path, Inc., Authentic Woman Enterprises, LLC

CAM™ is moving the coaching profession forward to new heights.
Name: Dean Newlund
Company: Mission Facilitators International, Inc.

CAM™ is a rich experience you won’t find elsewhere where speakers are just the starting point for great conversations among masters. The coaching profession has been waiting for this!
Name: Lea Belair
Company: Coaching Center of Vermont

I could not have imagined that by attending CAM™ I would essentially be elevating my thinking. Since returning from Asheville, I have put the wheels in motion to raise my business (and my life) to another level — an exhilarating one! It was time very well spent.
Name: Nancy Colasurdo

I look forward to attending the CAM™ events. I took a chance the first year and find that each year tops the next with great coach connections, exceptional learning from the best speakers, beautiful environments to relax and walk in and always fun events at the conference and near the site. I’ve taken to arriving a few days early just to take more in.
Name: – Laurie Sheppard

CAM™ 08 was the most powerful conference I have been to in a long time. The conversations hit the heart of the Coaching profession and the attendees!!
Name: Edie Pereira Hulbert, MCC

CAM™ 08 was the best conference I have ever attended. I had a lot of fun, met some amazing people, gained some huge insights about how I do my work and left feeling tremendous hope in what coaches can and are doing in the world.
Name: Angela Spaxman
Company: Loving Your Work
Country: Hong Kong

For me it was feeling awesome camaraderie with my peers and engaging content rich conversations.
On two separate nights I wound-up talking to coaches till the wee hours of the morning (like 1 am) as we chatted and took the days conversations and pondered them.
In my opinion, Bobette, Guy and Donna have “hit home run” by providing a wonderful space for master level coaches to go deeper with mastery and conversation…it does not get any better than it was…it was truly awesome.
Name: Robert Stack