The CAM Team

CAM™ Team quote-of-the-month:

“There are no rules here, we are trying to accomplish something” Thomas Edison.

A chance meeting . . . became a thought . . .

became a discussion . . . became a knowing . . . became destiny . . .

became A Conversation Among Masters!

CAM™ Founders:

Bobette Reeder – Bobette is a Master Certified Coach and a past president of the International Coach Federation (ICF). A coach since 1995, Bobette has had extensive and varied experience serving in the international coaching community. She was on the ICF Board of Directors for 10 years, served on several ICF conference teams in both the U.S. and Europe, and initiated and facilitated the organization’s Global Forum. She was the 2004 recipient of the ICF President’s Award, and has been the focus of numerous media articles and interviews. In addition to co-founding CAM, Bobette is a co-founder of The Coach Initiative: a coaching non-profit organization, a partner in Print Strategies LLC. and CEO of Reeder Coaching Group.

Bobette lives in Miami, and has been happily married for 45 years (really!) She has four amazing adult children (Alicyn, Trey, daughter-in-law, Courtney and son-in-law, Jonathan), grandchildren (Mackenzie, Rylee, Steele, Sawyer, Reagan) plus Murphy the wonder dog. Her personal and professional style is all about having fun and seeking the positive side in everything life brings. A favorite quote: “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can” ~Danny Kaye.

Donna Steinhorn – Donna is the CEO of Coaching to Success and the former Executive Vice President of Coachville and Dean of the Thomas Leonard Coaching School. She is one of the few coaches certified by both the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaching. Along with being co-founder of Serendipitous Events, Donna is one of the founders of the Coach Initiative, a 501c-3 organization. She is a member of the ICF, serving on two past ICF conference teams and several ICF committees. She is a board member and Program Director of the Transformational Leadership Council, and is the coach advisor to several organizations. An executive, life and mentor coach, Donna has more than 30 years of corporate and business experience. With her multiple roles, she’s learned how crucial it is to embrace change and create inspiring, sustainable environments for success. (And she does it all with humor!)
Donna lives on the Jersey shore in a century-old carriage house along with her husband, and is the proud mother of two exceptional children. She believes that happiness is a choice, and that fun is a necessary part of life and work. A favorite quote: “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”.

Guy Stickney – Guy is the founder and CEO of WizardryEvents, a company that has produced conferences all over the world during the past 13 years. Involved with the coaching community since 1988, he has produced 10 international conferences for the ICF, and has worked with many other coaching-related organizations and institutions. Guy spent 21 years in the hotel business, with executive and regional responsibilities, and his hotel teams routinely won top honors for customer service and employee morale. Guy is also a co-founder of The Coach Initiative.

Guy’s passions include travel, golf, his family and “creating the WOW experience.” He lives with his wife and their three sons in Tucson, Arizona. A favorite quote: “People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

CAM Founders 2014


CAM™ Team Leaders: 

Phyllis Haynes – Master Interviewer, Media Specialist

CAM™ Facilitator Phyllis Haynes is an Award winning television personality, Producer, and former ABC News Correspondent for the Evening News with Peter Jennings and Good Morning America, with 20 years of broadcast experience on WOR TV and ABC. She produced the film “Aids: The Facts of Life:” starring Susan Sarandon which won the American Film Institute Award. Phyllis Haynes has also served as a moderator for past presidential debates appearing on the Today Show.

Phyllis has been motivating, training, and inspiring people around the world and across the USA. She was invited by the European Union and the Hellenic Foundation to bring her work to the emerging marketplaces of Central and Eastern Europe. She conducted major media programs in Bulgaria, Romania, Athens, and the Netherlands.

Recently the Harvard Judaica collection chose one her documentaries about of Charles Shrem a Jewish man who was raised in Egypt. It was chosen because it gave insight into a little known piece of history into the life of Jews before World War II in Egypt.

As a speaker, facilitator, trainer, and moderator, Phyllis Haynes is in demand. Currently she is a media consultant to programs at the NCAA. Her international consulting and work with Fortune 100 companies continues with clients including Citigroup, APEX, and Columbia University Graduate School of International Public Affairs.

Susan Chapman – Tech Director, Administration, Registration

Susan Chapman is the owner of Opus Virtual Solutions where she is a virtual assistant/project manager. Susan is a recovering engineer and enjoys using her techie skills to help people connect. She’s also a life coach who creates virtual and local retreats for small groups. She grew up in Southern California but now calls Louisville, Kentucky home where she enjoys the arts scene and the beautiful four seasons.

Diane Hubner – Production assistance, Room logistics, Gifts, Speaker Liaison, Raffles

Diane Hubner is a pioneer in the field of health, stress reduction and well being. For over 32 years she has been a practitioner, teacher and Life Coach assisting people in achieving optimum health and well being. She lives in Marina del Rey, CA where she pursues her passion of sailboat racing, yoga, cycling, meditation and playing with her dog Tommy.

Deborah Roth – Logistics and New Member Connector

Deborah Roth is the founder of Spirited Living™ and has spent the last 35 years coaching, teaching, speaking, writing in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, for large corporations and small businesses. Nowadays, she works primarily with overwhelmed, under-nurtured women to create fabulous lives, work, and relationships.

Deb lives in New York City and has been married to the same fabulous guy for over 30 years, with two incredible, feisty “city boys” (now in their mid-20s). She’s passionate about her daily vinyasa yoga practice, officiating unique wedding ceremonies and raising money for V-Day to end violence against women and girls.

Drazia Rubenstein – VIP Liaison

Drazia Rubenstein has been coaching with passion for 22 years and looks forward to the next 22 years!  She works primarily with attorneys in solo practice and their staffs, assisting them in restoring sanity and balance to their lives and businesses. When she’s not coaching or spending time enjoying her grandchildren (all four brilliant and beautiful!) she is actively involved in several non-profit organizations which promote and support the arts.  She is honored to serve as President of Funding Arts Broward which provides grants to local arts providers.

Drazia is a Master Certified Coach and served as Chair of the ICF Ethics and Standards Committee.  She is immediate past-Chair of the ICF Independent Review Board and was instrumental in revising the ICF Ethical Conduct Review Process.

She lives in Aventura, Florida – which is in the northeast corner of Miami – overlooking water and palm trees and boats.  

James Redmond – A/V Director

James Redmond has been producing and distributing videos full time for over 27 years.  His specialty is working with people in the transformational field, creating products out of their live events.  He has worked with Jack Canfield, Bill Harris, Hale Dwoskin, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, and a host of others. In 1986 he completed a comprehensive 2-year technical degree program in video technology from North Lake College, in Irving, Texas.  Since then he has produced numerous videos, applying technical know-how with an understanding of market audience appeal.

Over the years James has produced various documentaries.  Currently he is working on a documentary on an innovative prison system in New York that is using transformational techniques and having remarkable success.  The video is planned to be released at the end of 2012.

Tyson Young – Room Logistics and all-around Tyson

Tyson is the Logistics Supervisor for CAM, and has been supporting the flow of successful events since 2005.  Tyson genuinely has a good time helping those around him, and loves supporting events to be successful.  Tyson has a natural yes-can-do persona and  always brings a light and fun energy everywhere he goes.  Tyson’s passions include playing and teaching tennis, snowboarding, writing, and performing standup comedy. Tyson currently lives in Port Angeles, WA, where he enjoys clean air and the great outdoors.





Cherie Clark – Talented Support Staff

Dr. Cheryl (Cherie) L. Clark retired from the New York State Department of Correctional Services (NYS DOCS) on November 12, 2010, after 43 years of State Service, 36 with DOCS.  During her service she designed and directed three highly successful Total Learning Environments™ for incarcerated felons:
Network, Shock Incarceration and the Willard Drug Treatment Campus. All were internationally recognized as the leading programs of their type in the world.  In 2004, research documented more
than $1 billion in cost savings by Shock Incarceration, for the institutional phase alone and by the time of her retirement in November of 2010, that amount had risen to $1.4 billion, with more than 42,000 graduates of the six-month program. Shock and the DTC are also noted for producing the highest rate of
General Equivalency Diplomas (GED) of any program in the US. In less than one quarter of the time in an academic program, Shock and the DTC issued nearly twice as many GEDs as all comparison groups.

Dr. Clark earned a Ph.D. from the School of Health and Human Services at Columbia Commonwealth University and holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the College of St. in Albany, NY.  In addition, Cherie has studied accelerated learning transformation technologies for more than 36 years. Her doctoral dissertation, 12° Of Freedom: Synergetics and the 12 Steps of Recovery, is considered a groundbreaking work in the field of substance abuse treatment. It includes a comprehensive overview of what she has named Social SynergeticsTM and offers an innovative, fully integrated model for recovery from addictions, and for living a conscious, responsible, joyous life.

Dr. Clark is co-founder of DOING LIFE® International Inc., an organization working for the greatness of humanity in Universe. Visit www.doinglife.comand www.socialsynergetics.comfor information about her work.  Her Guide Books include DOING LIFE! A Life Skills Approach to Recovery from Addictions, and S.M.A.R.T. CHOICES: A Guide to Making Choices That Work.


Bethene LaMahieu – Volunteer Coordinator

Bethene’s seminal work in education touched thousands of people and provided a framework for creativity and change. As she has grown into the “something more” of her life, she created The Salon (2006), a context/framework for conversations and weaving connections.

“Practicing the art of focused conversation has commonalities with my practice of Kado, the path of flowers,” Bethene says. “Differences are apparent, too. Kado is a contemplative art. Conversation is interactive, collaborative, sometimes noisy, rowdy, messy and/or playful-and more. I am passionate about both.”

Bethene lives in New York City in the heart of the theatre district. Among her favorite things are fun with friends, theatre, music, rambles in Central Park, visits to museums and travel. A favorite quote: “The mind determines what’s possible. The heart surpasses it.”