WBECS – World Business and Executive Coach Summit


The World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) is the world’s largest event for Business and Executive Coaches, bringing together many of the pre-eminent thought leaders for the coaching industry. We have a huge following within the CAM family and this has grown significantly each year.

Last year’s summit saw 18,000 attendees from 149 Countries and this year we are expecting around 20,000 coaches to attend. We see Master Coaches as having a critical role in the development of the industry and hence are very proud to partner with CAM.

We hope you enjoyed the photobooth that we brought to last years event and were able to capture your most favourite memories and conversations with fellow CAMsters. This year we plan on adding to this experience.

We are excited to announce that some of the WBECS team will be joining you at CAM this May to connect and thank you for your continued support and partnership. If you want to find us, look for the pink wigs and tu-tu’s we will be wearing.