Library of Professional Coaching

The Library of Professional Coaching

logo-LPC5The Library of Professional Coaching Library (LPC) is an Internet-based, free center that provides access to a carefully selected set of resources associated with the field and discipline of professional coaching. Our library includes a growing pool of articles, research briefs, dissertations and white papers which serve as the ultimate Internet-based source of information about professional coaching. It is an easily searchable database of trusted, high-caliber, vetted and peer-reviewed content of over 450 items. We continue to build the collection with the intention of providing value and service to the entire coaching community: students, new coaches, faculty, practitioners, internal and external organizational coaches and leaders, authors, personal coaches, researchers, and academicians. If you have materials to contribute and would like to see different or additional categories, let us know! We are constantly seeking to improve this offering to best serve the professional coaching world. We are honored that in an independent survey the LPC was named one of the Top 5 Coaching Sites for Research and Resources worldwide by the 9th annual Sherpa Executive Coaching Survey of leaders and coaches. Over the years, our sponsors have included coaching associations, coach training programs, authors, graduate schools with coaching certification programs, coaching businesses, coaching publications, and individual coaches. Current LPC Sponsors include the ICF, choice – the magazine of professional coaching, Content for Coaches, International Coaching News, Karlin Sloan & Company, Professional School of Psychology, numerous authors, the Leading Coaches Center, CoachingWebsites.