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David Zach

David Zach is one of the few professionally trained Futurists on this planet, having earned a master’s degree in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Of course that was way back in 1981, so it’s pretty much history at this point.

As a Futurist, David’s worked with over 1500 associations, corporations and colleges offering insights on the personal and professional impact of strategic trends. In other words, he gives funny, fascinating and thought-provoking talks on the strategic trends and traditions with design, technology, economics, business, education, demographics and society.

In his work, he’s not stuck on the future and is always searching for old ideas that stand the test of time. Instead of telling people what to think about the future, he wants to help them understand how to think about the future. He thinks fascinating forecasts can be fun, but thoughtful, long-term choices are better.

David has only had two real jobs: one at Johnson Controls and the other at Northwestern Mutual, both in the roles of environmental scanning and strategic planning. He also taught Future Studies in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

He is the author of two books, so far. Zachronyms: funny words for funny times is a humorous look at all those lifestyle acronyms, such as YUPPIES, PUPPIES, SPORES and TWITS. His latest book, Worth Remembering: the future value of old ideas is an exploration of why so many of the best ideas are not necessarily the new ones.

David is taking a bit of a “gap year” for outside commitments, but in the past he has been on such boards as: The American Institute of Architects Board of Directors (2011-13), The American Chesterton Society, Wisconsin Small Business Development Center Advisory Council, AIA-WI Board of Directors, Future Milwaukee Advisory Board, Community Advisory Board for public radio station WUWM.